June Update: 🔥 Book at any Dis-Chem or Alpha Pharm - For Free!

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June 12, 2019

Are you sitting down? We don't want you to fall over after you hear about the HOT new features in Memo. - You ready?

It's June - and we have some really cool stuff to share with you! With this month's release we are excited to introduce more locations than ever to Healthfindr (our booking system).

You can now make a various bookings directly into the diary of any Dis-Chem or Alpha Pharm Pharmacy in the whole of South Africa! Our overall aim is to make it more convenient than ever to access better health - Did we mention its completely free to use??


Now when you are worried about something at 2am you can just make a booking and go to the pharmacy clinic first thing in the morning. - Now that's convenience

New: The Learning Centre

It's now easier than ever to access all the great content we put together - or if you need help with any in-app features just check out one of our tutorials. - It's that Simple

Win 5 Gigs of Data :)

We have just hit over a 1000 followers on Facebook - and we are super excited! So much so that we want to celebrate our success with you! So we're giving away data... tons of it! Join our competition and stand a chance to win 5 Gigs of data for yourself aaaaaand for a friend you choose. (Any network - SA Only)

Click on the image to enter!

Thanks so much for all the support thus far, we are looking forward to bringing you more cool things along our journey.

Quick Stats

  • We have reminded our users about their medications over 24 000 times!!
  • 1196 Facebook followers!
  • App size: Under 15 MB
  • Over 9600 medications can now be recognised by our barcode scanner

Our 5 Favourite Articles

If you'e seen any of our blogs, recipes or just stumbled across a Facebook or Instagram post and like the content we share, well we glad you here then. Check out our top 5 favourite articles - Enjoy

1. All You Need To Know About The Flu

Winter is here, and so is the Flu. Know your ‘enemy’. You’ve heard it all before. ‘Fore-warned is fore-armed’, and my own personal favourite, ‘an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.’ But, if you’re fighting blind, how are you going to beat this unseen enemy called Flu? Hey, we get you, so here’s the low-down on this sickness that has the potential to lay you down – permanently. - Click on the image to read the full story

2. The Coolest Medication Alarms Ever!

Our up to date awesome playlist of "medication songs" for your reminder alarms. So a while back we did a lot of research about the best ways to remember to take your medications. During the process one of the people we asked said they remember to take their meds by using an early morning alarm that plays a song with the word medication in it! - Click on the image to read the full story

Click the image to read more!

3. 20 Reasons To Exercise

Wake up to a better healthier looking you with exercise. Did you wake up this morning wishing for:

  • A better state of mind
  • Serious productivity during the day
  • And of course a better healthier looking body? (I know I did!)

Click on the image to read the full story

Click the image to read more!

4. Why Being Good To Others Is Good For Your Brain!

Being good to others is good for your brain - For Real! We often feel like we have nothing to be thankful for, maybe that's because we aren't saying thank you enough! - Click on the image to read the full story

Click the image to read more!

5. 10 Tips For Healthier Weekend Habits

Stay focused and don't be a weekend special to your health. We all make good food choices, try to avoid the temptations, we even work out every morning only to find that on Friday and Saturday night we suddenly fall back into those unhealthy, not so good for you weekend things.

So what can one do to avoid this. Well, we have these 10 great tips to help you keep up with what you’ve doing the whole week and not loose out on all the hard work you put in to stay as healthy as you can be. Remember one weekend can easily undo a whole week of healthy habits. - Click on the image to read the full story

Click the image to read more!
Posted on
June 12, 2019

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